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IT-infrastructure of financial and state companies from a hacker's view: everything you want to know

In 2020, Positive Technologies research showed that the internal networks of 71% of companies are vulnerable to hackers, who has no special technical training. At dark web with $ 100,000 in your wallet you can easily get access to data of more than 80 very large companies. Ask yourself the question: is your company safe?

We invite you to our FAQ workshop, where our two engineers will simulate a hacking situation in a banking and public sector company and answer all your questions. We will show tools and tell you about:

1. Types of attacks and how to prevent them with a solution - AlienVault platform

2. Protect your perimeters with WatchGuard solutions:

3. NGFW (IPS, URL filtering, AV gateway, application control and anti-spam to services to fight advanced threats like sandbox files, DNS filtering)

4. Multi-Factor Authentication - AuthPoint Solution

5. Endpoint Security with F-Secure Solutions.

6. In-depth investigation of information security incidents and response to them

7. Budget IT-protection for the financial and public sectors

8. Additional tools for protecting the IT perimeter of companies.

Webinar language: English

Duration of the webinar: 90 minutes

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